Friday, March 16, 2012

En-Title-ment Issues

Here's a word of advice for you aspiring authors. Do not get attached to your title. Because there is a decent chance you won't get to keep it. What I mean is, you are working hard on your manuscript and it grows on you. Either like a fungus or a baby. Depends on how well its going at the time.  So you give it a name or a title in your head and you fall in love. Then you submit it to agents or publishers and someone picks it up. Then their marketing team gets a hold of it. That's when you and your beloved title might break up.
It is the marketing team's job to make your book the most attractive package it can. That means a stellar title and cover. But hey, I thought my title was pretty catchy. Maybe to me it was, but the team seemed to differ. Right here is where you can be in trouble. If you are very attached to your newborn book, it can be hard to accept any other name than the one you've blessed it with.

This is my current dilemna. I had named my manuscript the Philosophy of Finishing. Cedar Fort said, "Ehh" to that name. They batted around a few options for the next two weeks, but nothing else sounded good to me. Then they picked a title and subtitle that I was not fond of.  I was wondering "Oh no, did my book die? Will anyone want to pick it up." I argued back and they put it to a vote on FaceBook.  We have yet to see the results.

fingers-c...At this point I think I need to trust in the experts. Its true that no one will love and know your book like you do. But your marketing team should hopeful have years of experience knowing exactly how to reach your audience and bookstore buyers. I'm hoping mine does at least. So at this point I'm going to let go and let the experts. I will post soon with the results of the survey. Cross your fingers that it's something good.

But in the meantime, for your work in progress, realize that it's the publisher that sets the title not you. And it's in their best interest to makeup a good one. After all they are investing in you and your book. They need it to sell too. :)

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