Saturday, August 25, 2012

Freedom of Speech or Freedom to be a Psycho

Current events and public sentiment mystify me. Sometimes a thing is only right and just until it blows up in your face. Here is what is currently causing my nose hairs to twitch.

Recently there was public outcry over the detention of a former marine, Brandon J. Raub, who made some off kilter and well, violent remarks on Facebook. The sentiments were anti-government or anti-establishment I believe. Something to the effect of a revolution coming, day of reckoning. Saying he was sharpening his axe to sever some heads. The FBI and local police dept had some concerns for public safety as well as the man's own mental stability. They held him for questioning and a psychiatric evaluation. People are outraged. They have set up donation pools for him. He has had his right to free speech violated. How dare big brother step in?

Other side of the coin. Recognize this guy?
Colorado shooting suspect James Eagan Holmes sits with public defender Tamara Brady during his first court appearance in Aurora, Colo., on July 23, 2012.  (RJ Sangosti/REUTERS)'
This is James Holmes. The man responsible for the Aurora "Batman" mass shootings. Currently there is public outcry because a month or two before the incident, he made undisclosed and vague threats against the school establishment. The threats were reported, he was kicked off campus. Cue public outcry. Why wasn't more done? Why wasn't this maniac pulled from the streets and locked up before he hurt someone? The police knew he made violent statements, yet they did nothing.

Have you seen the problem with these two stories? If Mr. Holmes had been detained at the time of his statements, would there have been public offense and outrage at his detention? Would his rights have been violated? Why is it only after someone follows through with the violent and awful things they say, then... then it's no longer freedom of speech.

Here's a crazy idea. If you say violent, radical, psycho things... people should treat you like a violent, radical, psycho. I'm no law professor. I don't have a fine knowledge of the constitution. I just don't think we should have the right, or as a society should tolerate, the violent rantings of madmen. Much less hold them up as torchbearers for the freedom of speech. Freedom of speech should protect those who wish to oppose the ideas of the government. You can disagree vehemently without threatening to kill others or start a war. I'm pretty sure the founding fathers did not intend to the first amendment to be the freedom to be a psycho.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Foto Fiction: Unmentionable Vacation

I'm trying a new thing. Taking photos of odd sights I run across then writing little stories or thoughts for them. Gets the creative juices flowing. I took this picture while in Yellowstone last week.

Have you ever noticed that a sock is mysteriously absent after a wash? Or maybe your favorite bra has taken a hike? Well perhaps it really has. Yellowstone national park now boasts an all inclusive vacation package for lingerie that's tired of the same old spin and rinse cycle. Activities include hiking, climbing flagpoles, swimming and sunbathing (as pictured below). No people necessary for the trip, your unmentionables can take the magical wormhole in the dryer. After they are rested and relaxed they will be ready to return to their daily duty. So if you come across that camisole you haven't seen in a few weeks, and it smells vaguely like s'mores, you'll know exactly where it's been.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

School's Out for Summer

Finals are finished! I survived my first semester back at school after an 11 year absence.
It wasn't easy, and not just because of the shortened summer block, or the 6 hour Anthropology final.

College is a whole different world from when I was there the first time in 1997. We didn't have cell phones. No Facebook either. Heck, one of my first classes was on how to use the internet.

These days, every co-ed has their phone out - during class - texting or updating their status.  I feel like an old mother hen with my consternation glare and clucking my tongue at all the young'uns.

It's easy to forget that I was once one of those kids that might skip class to meet up with my boyfriend. Now I'm a mom trying to fit a few classes in here and there, and I want every ounce worth of tuition I paid.

Oh why is youth wasted on the young? I wish I could go back and give myself academic advice. Which classes to take. To stay in school and finish a degree before the kids and the mortgage. Not to blow off that one psych class. Ouch.

Instead I will settle on giving everyone else on campus academic advice. So while school's out for summer (all of two weeks) and before fall starts, feel safe young co-eds. But in two weeks looks out, because I will be back in full force with wagging finger equipped and the patented mother guilt trip.

Friday, August 3, 2012

A Case of the Eeyores

I just realized that I have a serious case of the Eeyores. I've got this little black cloud following me. It's not actually raining on me yet, but I am flinching, waiting for that first drop to fall. If someone says they want to talk to me, it's like being called to the principal's office. I'm sure they are going to tell me they're mad, or that I've done something wrong.

Do you do that? Wait for the proverbial shoe to drop? Sure that you will end up the bug squished under said shoe.

I'm not sure why I think the universe has a nasty surprise in store for me. But I'm pretty sure if I keep expecting it, the world won't disappoint.

If I've gotta be Eeyore, maybe I should focus on one of my favorite sayings by the morose donkey, "Some days look better upside down."