Thursday, August 9, 2012

School's Out for Summer

Finals are finished! I survived my first semester back at school after an 11 year absence.
It wasn't easy, and not just because of the shortened summer block, or the 6 hour Anthropology final.

College is a whole different world from when I was there the first time in 1997. We didn't have cell phones. No Facebook either. Heck, one of my first classes was on how to use the internet.

These days, every co-ed has their phone out - during class - texting or updating their status.  I feel like an old mother hen with my consternation glare and clucking my tongue at all the young'uns.

It's easy to forget that I was once one of those kids that might skip class to meet up with my boyfriend. Now I'm a mom trying to fit a few classes in here and there, and I want every ounce worth of tuition I paid.

Oh why is youth wasted on the young? I wish I could go back and give myself academic advice. Which classes to take. To stay in school and finish a degree before the kids and the mortgage. Not to blow off that one psych class. Ouch.

Instead I will settle on giving everyone else on campus academic advice. So while school's out for summer (all of two weeks) and before fall starts, feel safe young co-eds. But in two weeks looks out, because I will be back in full force with wagging finger equipped and the patented mother guilt trip.


  1. I went to college as an adult too, and loved it. They 19-yr. olds seemed so young, wasteful of time of effort. Maybe everyone should work a year of two before college, grow up a bit so they appreciate it.

    1. I agree whole-heartedly! Or we could give them a brain transplant. Either way