Friday, June 22, 2012

De-sensitivity Training for the Zombie Apocalypse

Be forewarned. I am in a ranty mood today. Ranted on my other blog too. Ranting is good for the soul :p

Unless you've already hidden yourself in a bomb shelter, you probably are aware of the so called Zombie Apocalypse.  The rash of odd cannibal stories in the news. The homeless guy eating the face off another man in Florida. The Canadian Pornstar Psycho that killed his lover, taped it, did awful things to him post mortem, then ate him and mailed pieces all over Canada and uploaded the video of the whole thing on the internet.

It's the last instance that disturbs me to the core.  Not mainly the acts described above.  While horrifying and unconscionable, it's still just one psycho. No, what keeps me up at night is what happened after.

A high school teacher in Canada thought it would be a good idea to screen this psycho's little pornagraphic snuff film for his students. The fact that young minds were subjected to the atrocities that this man committed is horrible. Even worse, were the students reactions themselves.

After watching the killer perform sex acts on the corpse, eat him, then dismember him, one student said, "It was bad... yeah. But I've seen worse in the movies."

AHHH! What the heck? What are we saying when the movies are showing things equal to these real life horrors. And worse, that these kids cannot emotional tell the difference between watching a scripted show with red cornsyrup and CGI, and a real psychopath killing a real person who had a real soul with a real family.

So people, don't spend your time worrying about the Zombie Apocalypse. If this de-sensitivity to violence continues, we will have much bigger problems to worry about.


  1. This is disgusting. Had not heard about these stories. It's clear we are becoming desensitized to awful stuff...the bar gets lower every year. Sad.

  2. Wow - no, I haven't heard about this. Please, rant. This deserves it!

    (And after you're done, smile because I've given you the Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award!)

  3. Yes, I agree this is something to worry about. I read a quote somewhere that by a certain age you would have seen x number of people murdered on TV.