Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Skank-ification of Halloween

Today, my mom was making a caterpillar costume for my 5 year old. It didn't exactly work out too well. With less than a week to go until Halloween, we headed to the Spirit of Halloween store for a backup. The store walls were filled with costumes, and nearly all of them were skank-aroo.  Let me ask you, what is the point of this costume?

Bloody Nurse Betty Adult Women's Costume

Sexy Lioness Adult Womens CostumeAside from being gross, she looks like she's about to have a Brittney Spears panty moment.

And this is what has become of the cowardly lion. Or maybe she's a teddy bear. I can't tell.

Point is, why would anyone want to look like this in public. And let's be honest, the people that buy and wear these costumes look nothing like these women. Cheap fabric can only hold in so much before bursting at the seams... just sayin' ladies.

And if it wasn't enough that nearly all the women's costumes looked like attire for the a corporate hooker party, the kids one's weren't a lot better. Other than the quintessential Disney Princess costumes, there was not a single thing I would let me daughter wear.

Look, mommy and me matching costumes.
Little Miss Muffet Tween CostumeClassic Miss Muffet Adult Costume

Yuck. When I was a kid, I was going as toothpaste, my sister as the toothbrush. And as a tween, I went trick or treating as the cowardly lion. I think you can agree it looked nothing like the costumes of today.

Why is the world sexualizing our kids so young? And worse, why are we letting them?! Don't buy these crappy costumes. Even if you put sweatpants under to make it more modest, don't do it. Why support an industry that wants to make our little kids look like streetwalkers instead of trick or treaters.

If you are talented enough, make your own costume. If you're not, like me, then find a friend who is. Anybody have a good pattern to make a caterpillar?