Thursday, February 23, 2012


What's a Pricklepants?

This is. Or more accurately This is our new pet Princess Caleb Pricklepants. (Long story short. Since I am not having any more kids, I promised Caleb Warnock I would name my next pet after him in undying gratitude for his mentorship)

This is also a Pricklepants. Namely me.

This week I have been overwhelmed with all the new changes in life both good and bad. Husband losing job... bad.  Getting contract signed...good.  Being denied health care...bad.  List goes on.

Needless to say my emotions were worse the California Screamin' at Disneyland. Up, down and sideways. Every time somebody said anything to me the least bit negative, my quills went up. I went in to full defensive pricklepants mode. I was finding offense in the dumbest things. So and so didn't like or comment on my facebook post. This person didn't want to sit with me.

The more things added up the more my emotions got out of control.  I tried to bottle them in, but there is a reason that teakettles have release valves. Last night my teapot boileth over. I was in the writing critique group and it wasn't going well. My grammar sucked, my dialogue tags sucked. My scene had no point. It was too much and I lost it.

Had I been smart, I would have released the steam earlier... in private. But as usual I was being stubborn "Big girls don't cry" and all that. So instead of releasing steam, I dumped out the whole scalding pot. Afterwards I found myself empty and vulnerable- all my quill defense removed. Would anyone still like me? Would they think I was a crybaby, or a drama queen? Maybe I was that really annoying friend that everyone tolerates.

So I spent last night and today in misery. Until I picked up my new friend Princess Pricklepants. He (yes he's a boy, but my daughter insists he's still a princess) is prickly, yes, but he is also snuggly and just cute. I think he is well on his way to becoming a treasured and much loved member of the family. Despite all his pokeys.

It made me think and hope. Maybe my friends and family find ways to love me and find me a valued member of their lives, despite my prickliness.


  1. I love it! Your way of comparing yourself to the hedgehog amoung other things is priceless! Fun post!

  2. I love it! I love the hedgehog pet. I love the analogy. I love the name Priklepants.

    Congrats on your contract!

  3. First meeting is at your house so I can play with your new little friend. Amongst the myriad of pets we had, never had a hedgehog! And everyone gets a little prickly sometimes. Just use it as fodder for another funny story.

  4. We all have our prickle points. I had one in RS about 2 weeks ago when after a month's hard work on the ward newsletter and RS newsletter a sister announced that the lesson schedule was wrong. At the time it was published it wasn't. Changes were made last minute and I was not informed. This sister has a habit of this and I should be used to it, but being tired and not feeling well and overly stressed with a sick husband, I lost it. My daughter grabbed me and took me out. Thank goodness for understanding and forgiving sisters.