Monday, April 2, 2012

B is for Birthday

B is my all time favorite letter of the alphabet. Here are a few of my favorite B things.
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Obviously, B is for Betsy. But it's also for bear, baby, baboon bums, biscuits, and best of all.... birthdays.

My Birthday is in 2 days, I will be 30...again. My favorite birthday tradition is the Happy Birthday video texts.  Each of my sister's families and my in-laws SMS me a text video of them singing Happy Birthday as a family. The kidlet ones are cute and have the little extras like "Ohh lala" and "Cha cha cha". The in-laws video is extremely off key and it's become a matter of pride to see who's video is the most ear shattering.

Then there's the Birthday dinner. The one night a year where I take off all my food restrictions ad my hubby prepares all my favorites. This year it's Sweet corn spoon bread, sweet potato, caramel mash, and Lion House Rolls. Life doesn't get any better-- until the weigh in the next day ;)

B is also for book. As in I have a deadline to meet and a book to finish writing.

What's your favorite B word?

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