Friday, April 6, 2012

F is for Fractured Fairy Tale

This is one of my new favorite sub genres of fiction, the fractured fairy tale. So much so, that an idea high-jacked my Work in Progress and demanded I take notice. So I put down my adult fiction piece and started writing a fractured fairy tale.

A Fractured Fairy tale takes a well known story and turns it on it head. Changing characters, setting plots, whatever. But keeping it recognizable in some form. The one I am working on? It's a twist on the Classic Baum Oz stories. Started as a Middle grade, but has definitely taken a YA turn. A little darker than than standard copyrighted ruby slippers.

But it's something I am passionate about. The original work was so brilliant, that it lends itself to lots of fun to twist. I'm writing like the wind and having a blast. The little girl inside of me loves being in her own fairy tale, even if it has a lady that can take off her head.

So what's your favorite fairy tale? Fractured or otherwise.


  1. Would Wicked fit into this category? I love that story!

  2. That comic is rather macabre, but I got a good laugh out of it. :)

    Best wishes with the fractured fairytale. I hope it comes out better for you than it did for poor Dorothy. ;)