Friday, April 20, 2012

R is for Recipe

Here's my favorite recipe for healthy whole wheat pitas.

Recipe for: Whole Wheat Pita Bread
To prepare: Bake in oven on pizza stone at 450° F.
3 cups whole wheat flour
1½ Tbs sugar
1½ tsp salt
2 pkg (1½ Tbs) active dry yeast
2 Tbs olive oil
1¼ cups warm water

Mix all ingredients and knead for about 10 min.
Let dough raise in an oiled bowl until doubled, 1-1½ hours.
Preheat oven and pizza stone to 450° F.
Punch down dough and divide into 8 equal pieces (divide again into 4 for mini-pitas) and roll into balls.
Roll out balls on lightly floured surface into thin, 8” rounds (2” for mini-pitas).
Place rounds on pizza stone and bake until they puff up, then about 30 seconds more (about 3½ minutes total).
Note: instead of a pizza stone, you can use a baking sheet. Just make sure to preheat it in the oven.


  1. Love pita. Wish I could bake. Apparently, I don't "know" my oven. lol. Thanks for sharing, I'd like to pass this along to a friend who can bake. (: Happy A-Z blogging!

  2. this sounds like a great recipe. I hope to try it one day.
    Happy A-Zing!