Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me.

Long before Elmo, I had another favorite furry little monster... Cookie Monster.

This little blue friend was a cookie obsessed monster. I grew up and by preschool firmly had a concept of the letter C. Because of the cookie monster song. Now that I have kidlets of my own, I've noticed Cooke Monster has changed his tune a bit. Now instead of gorging on cookies he tries to practice self control.  And worse, gasp, eat veggies.

Has Sesame street bowed to political pressure?

Sad but true, yes. Well it's kinda sad.  As a parent I am glad that the TV is emphasizing healthy eating habits in a fight against obesity. On the other side of the cookie, I feel like they have messed with something sacred. He was a bit of my childhood that I don't want messed with. It's like if you took all the cartoon violence out of the road runner cartoons. Had them talk it out.  Wouldn't be the same.

So C is also for Change and Childhood today. What's a C from your childhood?

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